Informing marine debris policies and decisions

Marine debris is a problem that costs West Coast states and communities millions of dollars each year in cleanup and ecosystem impacts. Cleanup groups, regulators, researchers, and decision makers need tools for easily visualizing beach cleanup and derelict fishing gear data along with other information. You can explore further by clicking the maps below and filtering by debris type, date, and location.


688 Crab pots and traps collected

1,632 Miles cleaned by volunteers

50,000 Plastic bags collected

1,000,000 Pounds of debris collected from West Coast beaches

Data from the West Coast Marine Debris Database since 2002.

The Portal includes data viewing tools that help NGOs plan and prioritize beach cleanups and derelict fishing gear removals, policy advocates track effectiveness of policy actions such as bag and cigarette bans, and researchers access and monitor baseline debris on our coasts and in the watersheds.

You can contribute to our understanding of debris impacts by uploading cleanup and derelict gear data into the West Coast Marine Debris Database. Click here to learn more!